Watching movies all night by myself and staying up for the sunrise because no one likes me. 

Smile, it looks good on you.

not good about myself

Some times i just feel so much different from my friends, like i don’t belong with them. I look in the mirror and i say the nastiest things about myself because i just never feel pretty. People ask if i don’t think i’m pretty then why do i take puictures, i mean i don’t know i guess to just make myself feel good when someone does say i’m pretty but really i truly disagree with them. For once i just want to feel good about myself, i want to feel pretty and important to someone. I hate when people or my friends say, shut up or stop saying your ugly because you know you are but really i don’t think i am at all. I have been strugling with these thoguhts about myself, and honestly i don’t think they will ever change. 

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